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Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida


To consult with Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida on an hourly basis to develop their fundraising events and activities, increase board involvement, develop and recruit new board members, and implement new fundraising and membership activities. CE was contracted to develop a sponsorship package for their new event a Harvest Charity Ball, recruit and assist with outreach to sponsors including letters, flyers, signage and other promotional materials, and assist with re-designing their major fundraising activity, Christmas Connection.


Capital Events developed the idea and concept for the Harvest Charity Ball, and worked closely with CCNF to secure the facility, registration, entertainment at Mission San Luis in Tallahassee. CE helped CCNF secure sponsors and Silent Auction items for the event. CE developed all promotional materials including a newly designed sponsorship benefits package designed to lure new media sponsors and businesses to support the event. CE developed and updated CCNF's board duties and responsibilities and worked with their staff to secure new board members and volunteers. CE worked closely with the staff and board to focus on their main mission and major activity – Christmas Connection - to implement board involvement and activities, and develop their sponsorship and donation drive. CE hosted a Board Retreat in 2011 to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to CCNF, and work with board leadership and CCNF staff to implement a strong fundraising apparatus focused on enhancing Christmas Connection.


The first year event the Harvest Charity Ball brought together more than 250 guests, and raised approximately $6,000 for Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida. The event served as a kick-start to CCNF's renewed focus on board development and fundraising. Upon completion of the event, CE hosted and facilitated a Board Retreat for CCNF which resulted in the board re-examining how it operates and how CCNF operates Christmas Connection. CE suggested specific recognition for all Christmas Connection donations, sponsorship levels for different gift amounts, and year-round outreach and support in asking for donations and cash gifts to CCNF and Christmas Connection. The CCNF board and staff has utilized the ideas from the board retreat, and successfully organized a record breaking Christmas Connection in 2012.