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Florida Developmental Disabilities Council


An event coordinator was needed by the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC) to organize the 2007 Florida Inclusion Summit and bring together more than 400 professionals and advocates to discuss important issues relating to the inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities in the workplace, schools and everyday life. FDDC contracted with CE to secure the facility, hotel room nights, secure the speakers, develop the program and promotional materials, recruit and organize a 20 member planning committee, and coordinate FDDC travel reimbursements, budget and event coordination and implementation for the Florida Inclusion Summit. FDDC required the experience and expertise of CE to negotiate the contracts and make arrangements for all summit logistics and arrangements for invited guests, task force members, speakers and attendees.


CE made personal invitations to invite the planning committee, and maintained excellent direct communication with all of FDDC stakeholders, the contracted facilitator, and the volunteer planning committee by scheduling regular conference calls and planning meetings throughout the process. CE developed and maintained a detailed FDDC event budget and timeline, including all facility, food/beverage, overnight hotel rooms, airfare/travel, special accommodations for persons with disabilities, and individual reimbursements for more than 400 attendees of the Florida Inclusion Summit. CE worked with FDDC and the planning committee to identify, invite and secure high quality speakers, including members of the Florida Legislature and other national and state policy makers and business leaders. CE created all promotional materials including logo, invitations, correspondence, signage, banners, programs, flyers, press releases and other materials designed to maximize the impact of the Florida Inclusion Summit on the current status of persons with disabilities. CE implemented a survey instrument using Survey Monkey which provided detailed feedback from all attendees of the Inclusion Summit.


We had a very successful 2007 Florida Inclusion Summit. FDDC was pleased with the results of the Summit, which brought together national and statewide leaders to discuss the importance of "Inclusion For All". CE completed the event under budget. Attendees surveyed enjoyed the facility, menu, sleeping rooms and the quality of speakers and content provided at the Summit. CE provided personal guidance on FDDC reimbursement policies to all attendees, speakers and vendors, and coordinated a successful large scale reimbursement and registration process for attendees of the Summit. CE used the results of the event and the survey to compose a final post-event report to FDDC outlining the success of the event from a financial basis and for the performance of CE and others associated with the production of the Florida Inclusion Summit.