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Snow Strategies


To organize the Childhood Development Screening Initiative (CDSI) for the Snow Strategies and the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC), and serve as the event coordinator and meeting planner for all CDSI Task Force meetings. CE is responsible for coordinating the CDSI Task Force meetings, and has worked together with Snow Strategies and FDDC to invite, secure and manage communications for the group. Initial Task Force started as a 20 person group, but has grown to more than 50 individuals. CE has been tasked with contract negotiation and site selection for three (3) face-to-face meetings, including the coordination and personal management of travel plans and reimbursements for each individual Task Force member in attendance.


For the Childhood Development Screening Initiative, CE set up the initial Task Force by recruiting, inviting and selecting the final group in coordination with FDDC, and has worked with the FDDC and Snow Strategies to expand the number of participants as the process has developed and grown. CE issued RFPs for each of the three (3) face-to-face meetings of the Task Force and maximized the budget by negotiating the site selection, sleeping rooms, audio/visual and catering for each event. CE has developed all Task Force correspondence and has maintained direct communication with FDDC, Snow Strategies and the Task Force. CE developed a project timeline for events and communications to ensure the proper and exact execution of details by Task Force members.


The Childhood Developmental Screening Initiative has made significant progress and all meetings and outreach coordinated by CE throughout the process has been well received by FDDC, Snow Strategies and the Task Force members. Now in year two of the three year project, CE looks to maintain constant communication with Snow Strategies, FDDC and Task Force in regards to the upcoming goals and objectives of the Childhood Development Screening Initiative. In addition to the face-to-face meetings, CE has also organized virtual Task Force meetings and committee meetings via "Go To Meeting", to save budget and time and maximize participation by all attendees. The Task Force is expected to release the results of its research and findings in 2013, which will hopefully lead to a universal instrument to be used by teachers, parents and physicians to detect early childhood learning delays, disabilities and the overall health and well-being of children in Florida. The goal the project will result in the proper intervention and treatment being utilized and implemented in early childhood, so the greatest results can be achieved for Florida's children.