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Tallahassee Community College Foundation


The concept for the Tallahassee Community College Foundation was to organize and manage an event to recognize donors to the TCC Foundation, including management of all logistics, site selection, invitations and implementation. Staffing changes prompted TCC Foundation to reach out to CE to coordinate all aspects of a small intimate donor recognition event for their top contributors. Upon discussing the previous year's event and budget, CE advised that it was more than what was needed for an event such as this, and that CE would work closely with TCC Foundation and their vendors to reduce their costs while still ensuring a high quality event for their donors. CE was also asked to consult on a new fundraising event that TCC Foundation would host as their major annual event. The current fundraising event was postponed and required additional guidance, direction, purpose and uniqueness in order to ensure its success.


CE worked closely with TCC Foundation to reduce the overhead and expenses for their Donor Dinner by negotiating each contract and issuing RFPs for facility, catering and entertainment. CE planned, designed and mailed invitations to their top donors in consultation with TCC Foundation staff. CE suggested presenting a special recognition award/gift to one of their top donors at the dinner, and have TCC's President present the award at the dinner. CE also suggested event signage that prominently displayed each donor's name at the event. CE worked with TCC to review each potential facility and the cost/benefit factors for each location, negotiate the menu and facility fees, and secure a jazz band to play during the reception. CE consulted with TCC Foundation to adjust the agenda to fit a networking reception with music and drinks, with dinner and speakers to follow. CE developed the concept and idea for TCC Foundation's annual fundraising event, and suggested several detailed options and conceptualization of the optimal direction to proceed including options for potential facility, activities, registration, event names, budget, management and fundraising goals.


The TCC Foundation Dinner event was a success with more than 60 attendees, which more than double the expected attendance. Despite the increase in attendance, the budget was reduced by more than 20%, approximately $2,000. TCC Foundation thanked us for this unexpected decrease in expenses, time and energy spent on their major donor event. CE worked closely with staff to plan the agenda which ran smoothly and provided guests with ample time to meet each other and enjoy an evening with their spouses and friends. A new tradition of presenting a special recognition award to an individual donor will take place each year, and was very well received at the event. The program and donor recognition board was appreciated by attendees and by members of TCC Foundation staff. The TCC Foundation was presented with all planning documents, contact information and suggestions and improvements for the event in 2013. CE worked closely with TCC Foundation staff to transition to next year's event, and the TCC Foundation is currently working on finalizing their plans for their annual fundraising event based on the consultation and suggestions proposed by CE. TCC Foundation will be unveiling their new event in 2013.