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Capital Events is licensed and insured as a Fundraising Consultant in the State of Florida. We have a proven track record of fundraising success with non-profit organizations, please see our case studies for more details on our 15 years of fundraising success.

Capital Events is a qualified and recognized expert in organizing successful conferences/tradeshows, special events, capital campaigns, annual fundraising and membership events and activities. We have three fundraising management options available to suit your organization's needs:

Consulting - Option 1:

We work together with you and your leadership team to determine your budget, organizational/event needs and the overall time commitment. Capital Events works together with you and your staff to set up a fundraising and management plan for your organization and your events. As a client, we will help you develop and employ Capital Events' core fundraising principles to develop a strong board/committee, revitalize your events and improve communication with targeted audiences.

Staffing – Option 2:

We take a more active role in implementing your fundraising plan by staffing and developing the events and promotional materials to make it successful. The staffing option works well because you know you are teamed with a proven fundraising consultant and event planner to help you execute your fundraising goals. We implement Capital Events' core fundraising principles to customize and revitalize your sponsor benefits package, donor lists and change your outreach methods. We work closely with you and your board to enhance your chances of fundraising success through targeted outreach, website and social media, ads and flyers, and put you in control of your fundraising destiny. Our professional team works seamlessly with your staff and board to put you in the position to succeed.

Full Service – Option 3:

We are responsible for managing and coordinating your non-profit organization and/or fundraising events. We work with your leadership team to set a reasonable fundraising goal for annual revenues and/or event specific revenues, and agree on a fee and a budget that will enable us to meet and exceed your fundraising goals. Capital Events will conceptualize, organize, implement and utilize our full range of strategies, resources, and relationships to ensure the success of your organization and your fundraising events. Let us bring the donors and sponsors to you by employing scientific fundraising methods to maximize your financial return and increase your bottom line.


Up to $5,000

$5,000 and up

$10,000 and up

Option 1 - Consulting


Option 2 - Staffing


Option 3 - Full Service